Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry responsible for correcting dental and bone defects and misalignments in children, adults, and teenagers.  Orthodontics align teeth for a perfect bite, a beautiful smile, and healthy gums. 

When should your child have his or her first check-up? Around age 6 or 7 the first permanent teeth erupt. At that point, we can make a first impression to discover if a child will need treatment or not, depending on the space and bone.  Of course, there is no standard age to begin treatment.

Different systems can be used:

Types of correctors (orthodontic appliances): conventional metallic braces or esthetic ceramic braces

Damon system: Doctor Sánchez Caballo has been a specialist in this system since 2004.  The Damon system has revolutionized orthodontics by using wireless braces to reduce pressure on teeth, allowing for more comfortable movement toward their correct position and creating a beautiful, wide smile. We consider the patient’s face and profile, anticipating their physical appearance when he or she reaches forty or fifty years old.

Invisalign: Dr. Sanchez Caballo is certified in this system.  Treatment begins in a preliminary visit to determine if this treatment option is correct for you.  If indicated, we will design a treatment plan using a virtual 3D representation of your teeth to determine how the changes will be carried out, and employing alignment devices designed to your specific individual needs to achieve the desired results.  This treatment is practically invisible because there are no wires and the removable brackets are transparent, so they go unnoticed and are also comfortable.  They are just as effective as traditional orthodontics.

Lingual orthodontics: These braces adhere to the interior of teeth, making them practically invisible. This system is completely individualized using a CAD/CAM system to custom make brackets for each individual tooth. The final result can be seen even before treatment begins.

Alineadent: This treatment option involves a series of removable alignment devices made out of a strong transparent plastic material called polycarbonate.  They are custom made for each patient making them practically invisible.  These invisible alignment devices progressively move the teeth toward their desired position.

Before and after

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